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Gym or home based taster training programs

Do you walk into the gym and have absolutely no idea what to do for your session?  Do you end up wasting time working out what bits of equipment to use?  Do you train at home but are never really sure of the most effective ways to train each session?  Have you thought about hiring a PT but just can't justify the cost?  Have you considered working with an online coach but have no idea what to expect for your money?  Are you just starting your fitness journey and want some guidance on what to do in the gym or for your home workouts?  Do you finally want to start taking control of your health and fitness? Are you a menopausal lady who wants to start resistance training to build/maintain bone strength, help with weight gain and your mental health?

Then why not try my 4 Week Online Taster Programme - it is a great way to get a feel for what working with me as your online coach is like!  I have built a 4 week resistance training programme, one for gym based and one for ladies that train at home with minimal equipment.  The programme includes 4 workouts a week plus a core conditioning workout which you can add onto 3-4 of the days.  Each exercise has a demonstration video and text to explain how to perform it correctly.  The programme also includes lots of nutritional guidance.  You get to check in with me online each week for accountability and there is an option for you to record yourself training via my app so I can check your form and make any necessary adjustments. 

So it is basically like having me there to PT you 4 time per week for 4 weeks!


And the good thing is that you can have all of this for a single payment of £40 - which equates to £2.50 each time you workout (a lot less than a Starbucks coffee!!)


To join my team click either the Gym Based or Home Based button below.  


I look forward to working with you.



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